Feira Morta - Lisboa
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Lundi, 13 Octobre 2014 11:01
feira morta 1Next fair will be 29th and 30th November in the heart of Lisbon!
Feira Morta is a nomad event dedicated to self-publishing and DIY.

Appart from zines / magazines / comix / books / prints / screen prints / tapes / vinil / cds it also embraces a wide range of activities: exhibitions, video art ( aka DEATHSCREENING ) workshops, performance, gigs, lectures....

For any question / proposal, contact
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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ It's easy to participate in Feira Morta ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
1. send an e-mail - attach link and logo/image, if any
2. show up 2 hours before the event starts

You don't pay to sell at Feira Morta, but we accept this kind of contributions
//// bring extra table////
\\\\donations: zines, comics,... whatever! \\\\
////Or some change from your profit, after the event////


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