Soulatges au Petit Mignon
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Mercredi, 25 Janvier 2012 15:46

horses_animGuillaume Soulatges has been drawing and working in the field of printing for 10 years. Co-founder of «Stratégie Alimentaire» (Eating Strategy), a publishing company active in Paris between 2002 and 2008, Soulatges henceforth releases his books by the renowned publisher Le Dernier Cri. He also self-produces fanzines in a DIY spirit. Soulatges is currently collaborating with Nadia Agnolet in the field of Contemporary Art and working on a book with Berlin based comic drawer and artist CrippaXXX Almqvist to be released in next Spring.

The recurrent themes in Soulatges' work deal with banality and monstrosity, both considered as a single notion. He uses pictures he reproduces following a scrupulous technique which still leaves space for accidents, resulting in distorted but credible images. Soulatges refuses the usage of any imaginative world and build his work on a repetition principle, on what has been seen before. But these familiar images are also filled with doubt, humour and anguish.

For his first solo exhibition in Berlin, «Horses», a selection of original drawings, screen prints, comic strips, gig posters and old and new sketches will be displayed. Pornographic scenes, family meals, landscapes, animals and anything but horses will be presented side by side.


Guillaume Soulatges’ homepage:
Stratégie Alimentaire (RIP):
Soulatges’ book “Les Parties Communes” by Le Dernier Cri:

About the concerts (on January 28th, 20:30/8:30pm):

-Charles Moneypenny (London, UK)

-Violet (Chevy Chase, USA)

more information:

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