Frankfurt Book Fair
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Mardi, 11 Octobre 2011 12:20


DOA_495x700px_white_NEW_1First Issue – Self Publishing Fair for Design and Art

No other branch predicts its own demise as often as the book industry. Yet despite the apodictic “book-is-dead” lament of many experts, countless new books are again being published this year. Now, parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair, a new event is being launched. Self-publishing in design and art is the topic of this fair, organized under the general heading “Print Culture – Dead or Alive?!”. As the title implies, the event is going to be the first edition, followed by a Second and a Third Issue and many more in the future. This is a new start and a new idea, demonstrating that print is not at all dead, but rather in the process of reinventing itself right now. Producers – such as designers, authors or artists – finance, publish and distribute their own books, catalogues, magazines and collectibles themselves. Digital print and Internet make this possible. Books are part of their artistic production – are a personal form of expression. (VIA)

October 14-15, 2011
basis Frankfurt e.V., Frankfurt am Main


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