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Mardi, 04 Octobre 2011 00:00

Hi everybody,
I m anef, Silkscreen printer in Berlin,
i usually curate book projects with artists from all over the world
(you can check the last zine called 'Darling' we made with 25 other artists on my blog :
There are always a non profit based collaborations, the purpuse is to share, work and first of all have fun. Every Participant get a copy of the zine, and i manage to distribute it everywhere i go.
The Open call for the new project is now OPEN !!
It will be a silkscreened fanzine we'll make with the french music band  'sexy sushi'
Sexy sushi is an electroclash band wich performs quite punky and trashy concerts.
The lyrics speak often about sex, politics, society, with some cynical ironie of an anarchic mind.
you can check their website here :
and the music here :

deadline : 30 octobre 2011
17,7 x 25 cm
2 colors (+1 superposition)
the pages are limited, so i'll have to make a selection regarding how much drawing i'll receive

Send your submissions at
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If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask!
All the Best





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